Lachute Aviation does its best to minimize noise pollution for city residents. Learn more!

Lachute Aviation

In addition to being affordablespan, we are holders of the Pierre Rivest trophy for the best flight school in Quebec on several occasions. Explore our rates!


In a field as competitive as aviation, choosing the best flight school can prove to be difficult; especially given the wide range of financial and professional consequences. Lachute Aviation offers a personal, individual touch, with the professional quality of a world class team.

Founded in 2007, Lachute Aviation is a company run by true aviation enthusiasts. The school operates a diverse fleet, making it possible to finish all qualifications required to obtain a commercial pilot licence. In addition to being affordable, we are the current holder of the Pierre Rivest trophy for the best flight school in Québec.


Attestation of College Studies (French only)

Close to Montréal, Mirabel and St-Hubert airports

Competitive prices

Immediate and on site maintenance

Accessible and qualified team

Training zone nearby

No landing fees and no takeoff delays

Flight Simulators approved for instrument training & IFR renewals

Awarded best piloting school in Québec

Approved by Transport Canada for written exams

A nice variety



Service we provide