This rating permits the holder of a commercial pilot’s license to begin giving pilot training. Lachute Aviation is one of the few enterprises in the region able to offer this training, thanks to our two highly experienced class 1 instructors. The instructor rating is further subdivided into 4 classifications, “class 4” through “class 1” from lowest to highest, respectively. The new instructor begins at class 4, and can ascend through to class 3 when sufficient training hours are obtained, and when 3 of his/her students pass their exams. Class 2, and eventually class 1 can be obtained after meeting a minimum number of hours, and passing Transport Canada exams.

Ground Schoolecole-pilote

There will be at least a total of 25 hours worth of ground school. This includes more detail on the theory of flight, as well as student training in the theory of flight, and will be given by a class 1 instructor.

Practical training

During the required minimum of 30 hours, apprentice teachers will expand their flight skills as well as learn to pilot and teach at the same time.

To be more Specific…

Becoming an instructor is not a departure from a piloting career path; in fact, it’s a great way to increase the hours required to impress an airline into hiring you, while getting paid for it! Training hours count towards ‘flight experience’, so what better way could there be to rack them up?


You need to already posess a valid Canadian Commercial Pilot’s license.


The Instructor rating permits you to give courses on how to pilot an aircraft, and is a rapid way to build up PIC hours.