private pilot

private pilot

Private Pilot Licence

This training does not require any previous experience, and can be completed in about 12 weeks, for a full-time student. For those short of spare time, training can be spread out over months, up to a year. Training can occur on any of our single engine aircraft, I.E. typically a Cessna 152 or Cessna 172.


You need to pass a at least a Class III medical exam You need to be at least 14 years old before you fly solo You need to be at least 17 years old to actually get your licence

Ground School

You will go through either 60 hours of training in a class, or 40 hours of customized one-on-one training. This training gives you the knowledge and skills to pass the required Transport Canada Written exam.

Practical training

Canadian Law dictates a minimum of 45 hours of flight training. On average, students require 30 hours of dual flight, and 15 hours of solo flight. You will have to carry out a cross country flight with your instructor, as well as 5 hours of instrument training. Part of your solo training will include 5 hours of cross-country flight, flying in a triangle of at least 150 nautical miles, plus 2 full-stop landings.

Obtaining your Licence

You must pass the Transport Canada Theory exam with a grade of at least 60%. Also note that the theory exam is broken into 4 categories, and you must obtain at least 60% in each one in order to pass. For example, you can’t get 0 in one section, perfect in all the others, and claim victory, given a 75% average. The four sections of the exam will cover General Knowledge, Air Law, Navigation, and Weather. Then, you need to pass a practical exam with a Transport Canada representative, by getting a mark of at least 60%.


This licence permits you to be the Pilot In Command (PIC) of any single engine aircraft while in VFR day conditions. You may carry passengers, share expenses, fly abroad, and possibly go get a high performance aircraft rating.


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